Lyrica….the brain destroyer

Have you been prescribed Lyrica or what was formally known as Pregablin?

The miracle drug that is prescribed for neuropathy pain, fibro, Ms, epilepsy, pretty much anything to do with nerves.

If the answer is yes you will understand why I feel incredulous about the whole scenario and the utter incompetence of Pfizer and anyone who prescribed this without knowing the effects of taking this brain altering drug and understanding withdrawels and long term effects.

Lyrica in essence changes the brain synapses, stops the nerves communicating and seems too stop the brain doing what it’s meant too.

Articles have now arisen about long term effects causing dementia type symptoms, with people having memory loss and brain fog.

The side effects and withdrawels are without doubt horrendous and I first hand am watching my partner battle too come off the drug, fight with drs (whose only concern is that in April it was changed in classation and can now not be prescribed Willy Nilly, so many attempting too make patients go cold turkey, which is extremely dangerous) and live with the fact he trusted the Drs and now is not who he used to be mentally or physically.

People are not receiving the appropriate care or understanding, because prescribers don’t know adequate information regarding long term effects or withdrawels. Is this because they didn’t know? Do Pfizer really understand the long term effects? I’m guessing no they do not, otherwise it’s just a billion dollar drug they’ve negligently given to people worldwide, creating people who are shadows of their former self.

Lawyers are slowly starting too gain people wanting to sue and I don’t blame them, loss of work, family break ups, side effects causing long term illnesses and some having suicidal ideation.

My partner is 40 and he started taking Pregablin 8 years ago, he was never made aware of the risks or long term effects and now is paying the price.

Gastrointestinal problems



Brain fog

Muddled speech

Memory loss

Unable to concentrate


Weight loss

No appetite

Abnominal pain

Seizures during withdrawels



Mood changes

Personality changes

Severe sweating

Body aches

And this is not eased when coming off the drug it gets worse! More and more forums are popping up like ‘Pregablin Lyrica survivor group’ on Facebook, with tonnes of people looking for support and understanding.

If you know anyone who was on or still is on Lyrica or Pregablin, support them, research side effects and withdrawels. Tell your story and keep telling your Drs so this stops.

Comment with your stories and good luck.

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