Big pharma profit

In the last 12 months I’ve learnt some huge life lessons, one of which is that i believe most treatments and most medications are killing people slowly and creating huge profits for some of the huge companies who are dishing out drugs to ordinary trusting folk who look to doctors for accurate advise and treatment.

I myself have muscular dystophy, nothing can be done and I have accepted that. I take no medications because I don’t see any benefit in steroids when my muscles are deteriating and extra weight complicates my life further.

So in January I started the contraceptive pill and due too a UTI a course of antibiotics, I spent 3 months after this with pelvic pain, constipation, diarrhea, headaches, no appetite and it was horrible. Going to drs over and over, “it’s ibs, eat more veg and yogurt” was their answer.

After a while I decided it was probably the pill….anyway cut too, it was the pill and the antibiotics had destroyed my gut Flora. But no Dr suggested it or told me to stop taking the pill I had to figure this out myself.

Now I’m not the issue but due to the problems with my bowels, I realised that my partner who has taken Pregablin or Lyrica for years had a destroyed gut as well as very confused and in coordinated nerves.

Pfizer yes I will call them out! Have brought out a drug, which yes may stop nerve pain, people with MS, fibromyalgia, anxiety (apparently) but to what cost?

I’ll tell you the cost, a huge hoard of people that after taking it complain of weight gain, brain fog, headaches, memory loss, gastrointestinal problems, amongst other side effects….but the huge problem WITHDRAWELS!

Now my partner took this for 10 years due too cluster headaches, ” here you go take this” and ” take the full dose” … starting at approx 600mg x three daily.

A calcium blocker, in essence stops your nerves communicating properly this no pain, in theory!

So no review from Dr in years and years because it’s all good, brilliant drug. In December last year he started to cut down after I researched it and was worried about his health.

We started at 350 x 3 daily and started cutting down slowly, with no clear advice or understanding from the drs who frankly no nothing about this drug other than what their told.

Once he got about half way, headaches, fatigue, agitation, anxiety, severe itching like ants are crawling under your skin, loss of libido, no appetite, going to toilet upto 8 times a day to complete one bowel movement, whether you eat enough fibre or not, severe sweating, flashes in eyes and all this is experienced by alot of other people globally.

In April 2019 the drug of room was moved up a class due to addiction, I wouldn’t say addiction I’d say nessicity, because you try working with those withdrawels and now the drs are trying to wean people off too quick because of reclassation.

Mean while drug companies are rubbing their hands together, nevermind they couldn’t of known the long term effects of essentially putting parts of your brain and nerves into retirement.

Profit over health is what I see more and more, medications are keeping people alive but not living, just zombies who are a spec of who they used to be, people losing jobs, friends, loved ones because these companies have one goal huge profits and Drs don’t question enough!

So my family are now struggling to earn, my partner lives day in day out hating a drug but not being able too stop it cold turkey because he will likely end up in hospital.

Meanwhile we get charged for this privelage! And Pfizer keep batting away claims to save there fortune of estimated 13.4 billion in 2018.

Drugs are sometimes useful but we as a society trust drs and huge companies, but question nothing…WE SHOULD. They would be broke if we took nothing and with the movement of medicinal cannabis and CBD oil which have been around years with no horrific side effects, ask yourself why a drug which has been shown too decrease tumours, help Parkinson’s, epilepsy and similar, why isn’t it accepted world wide?


We should encourage healthy living, homeopathy and care about eachother, but we don’t. Greed, status and wealth overtake empathy and the want to do the right thing, leaving us with smoke screens and lies.

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