Are we ruining our kids?

Volunteering at youth club, hearing parents talk about their kids and watching the new generation unfurl is bloody scary!

Nobody is the perfect parent, it doesn’t exist …..but trying and pulling your head out of the dark place we conseal in our underwear would be a start.

I think as parents we get confused between what’s makes us a good parent. For instance, your child is bullying another, maybe they don’t realise its bullying, their doing it because they have low self esteem etc….what ever. What is the right course of action?

Do you deny your child has done anything and take their word for it? Blindly doing so, even if you get a nudge from upstairs that’s says ” oi come on you know it’s possible, investigate, talk to him/her” or go with ” no not my child”?

I’ve seen this so many times it’s unreal and usually it ends in adults who think their perfect, do no wrong and the word consequences are a foreign language.

Teaching children about right and wrong, relationships, life etc doesn’t have to be a shouting match ( although teens push everyone too turn into a banshee)!.

But doing nothing, turning a blind eye, avoiding fault, are we protecting them or just our own fragile egos, because that might mean we failed.

My daughter, last week sent a very out of character message to her friend, which was nothing less than spiteful and completely uncalled for. So I spoke to parent and then proceeded too tell my child how it made her friend feel, as usual got the ol cock n bull story to try deflect any wrong doing. Outcome was she apologized without excuse and realised I don’t do bullshit.

Which leads me too mobile phones! The scurge of society, the one way ship too anxiety, avoidance and social media.

I regularly check my daughter’s phone and too be honest, too date it’s my worst parental decision yet, I could make excuses but in reality I don’t have one worth conjuring up. A few weeks ago my daughter called me a c**t via msg to her cousin (because I had no hair bobbles!) So she was grounded by missing out on Halloween, due to her continued lack of respect.

Where I live I see ALOT of juniors, riding into people on bikes, spitting, swearing at the public, stealing, drinking etc….now I was no angel, but I was not rude, I had respect and that has been lost with this lot.

Fomo..a popular saying at the moment ‘fear of missing out’. Too me this is the younger generations problem, fb, Instagram and Twitter. Comparing themselves too celebrities, causing low self esteem, depression all caused by external influences.

Do kids really need social media? Are we as parents forgetting what is important?

I think we are!

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