Me, him or I

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Coercive to the core,

I don’t have the answers,

I don’t know if I’m me anymore,

I looked into the mirror, but who is staring back.

Walls lookin like honeycomb,

Oh his knuckles brushed that brick,

Did I do him wrong or have i been tricked?

Need to feel anything, something so I know I’m here.

His reasons don’t cut the mustard,

I hear him, them, they but never I,

It’s you, you never understood.

I played along, played like nothings wrong.

I won’t be told by you and neither him or I,

Take another toke the lies it burnt my throat,

It hurts to think that I prayed you’d die.

Coercion beat me down,

The love I knew, let me drown,

Oh the devil took my soul,

Brought it back and dumped it on the coals.

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