Running out dark

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Cranium open, let it bleed,

Black noises spilling out,

Demons are causing affray,

I want to suppress her whispers.

Fake smiles covered deep red,

Fuck yours meds, they’ll drag me up,

What will Damus predict,

Scared of the past and running from the future,

Oh im a black addict.

Is it the devil or me calling,

Fragile organ beating backwards,

Stop… Rewind, pause…. Let me breath.

Shut your eyes, but still see those words,

All I wanna do is fucking sleep.

Go back to the days, better days,

Without the harshness of her breath.

Double edge sword of thoughts,

Smiling muffles the sounds,

Laid down bare with her forever,

Until the day I’m in the fucking ground.

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