If he beats you, it means he loves you

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The above title is a common phrase from Russia. I’ve just watched Stacey Dooley investigates and this episode was about domestic violence in Russia.

The most shocking for me and knowing the misogynistic views of Putin, i’m unsure of why i was shocked. Was that some forms of domestic violence was decriminalized, leaving women and young girls having such limited choices such as kill, be killed or go on the run and find one of the few rescue shelters that exist secretly or underground, only funded by donations.

I’m still appauled by some of the UK’s lack of laws that can enable women to change tenancy agreements to remove partners etc as to keep themselves safe. But Russia is on a new wave of ridiculousness, which is the only way i can describe it.

Stacey spoke to a man who left his well paid business to set up a community, on entering their was a sign stating ‘ No phaggots’ which already give an insight into what sort of man he is. He claims equality is crazy and will never happen, feminism is run by ugly, stupid people who are jealous of pretty women and that woman need to be put in their place, leaving men superior. His wife spoke about how she had written a book, a manual if you like on how to please your husband and how being beaten is acceptable, clearly this wife was speaking almost like a robot, knowing what she can and can’t say.

Poverty runs riot throughout the suburbs in Russia, so women are too afraid and unable to leave their abusive spouses. This i feel also happens around the world and here in the UK, with women not knowing where to run, who to turn too through believing it is their fault or embarrassment. Thankfully the UK has stricter laws, but are they strict enough??

BBC Iplayer – Stacey Dooley Investigates Russian Women

Men have definitely inherited the stance that women should stand behind a man and the reason why men have anger issues and have to resort to violence, is because woman don’t know there place. Feminist groups in Russia (albeit rare) are trying to organise meetings and underground self defense classes, trying to give woman a chance of surviving!

It is estimated that 14,000 woman die at the hands of domestic violence every year and one every hour by a husband who drinks. Most of these are not counted as crimes due to being acts of passion. Ultimately woman in Russia have no hope of change, due to the strong values and cultural beliefs that are celebrated by leaders like Putin. And the women who flee to the refuges can only hope that they are kept safe, anonymous and they have enough time in the shelters to find another life.



It is estimate 60-70% of women do not speak up, due to lack of faith in the law. This i find so disturbing and upsetting that in 2018 domestic violence around the world could be so much better. I believe this needs to be less of a taboo subject and hopefully everyone under the torture of another human will speak up and find help.

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