The Iceni Girl

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The Iceni Girl

When me and my partner moved to the quaint village of Iceni, it wasn’t destined to be my happy ever after.

A few days into my stay I was home alone. I could hear the soft call of an owl, the scurrying of nocturnal creatures outside and the wind howling down the chimney. I decided to go up to bed, being alone was not something I was very good at. When a very abrupt, repetitive thump came from the door, the hairs on my neck stood on end and my heart stopped, chest was feeling tight like a boa had just wrapped me in its coils. ‘Hell, hello’, struggling to get the words out, I grabbed my phone and moved closer to the door, ‘who is there’……it fell silent, all I could hear was the wind, moaning through the cracks of the old, wooden door. My first instinct was to ring the police, stumbling for my phone, light illuminated the words, ‘NO SERVICE’…..figures!, old village why would I have a signal. I decided to just go to bed and investigate in the morning, venturing out solo into dusk didn’t fill my boots with optimism or joy!
Mike, that’s my partner, or silent partner, he works a lot and had been called away so I was high and dry for the next week. Fucking great, scary village, no service and now I’m unpacking all this shit alone. To lighten my fear, I decided to venture out into the nearest town and get some supplies. It was only 4 miles to Kingswood, but the road was eerie, tops of trees hugged each other forming an arch over the road, leaving only light seeping in through entwined, creaking branches. Tree’s ended and then either side of the road, is endless fields just covered in a ghost like mist so you can only see unnerving shadows in the distance.
After getting the essential bottle of Dutch courage, with only my irrational thoughts as company, driving home I could see the tunnel of tree’s which were now engulfed in fog, lapping the road like enchanted waves, enticing a sailor to his untimely death. Looking into my rear mirror, “OH MY GOD”… I hit the brakes, so hard my belt tightened around my chest, leaving me breathless for a moment. A small figure, was crouched staring straight at me, all I could see was a small girl like figure, illuminated red by my tail lights. Do I get out?, I mean where did she come from? I can’t just leave her there. Deciding to be heroic, I took my rum with me as some sort of protection, I got out and slowly moved to the back of my car, swimming through the ever-spreading fog, she had gone, my throat tightened, mouth dried up, I knew it was time to get out of there. My heart felt like it was protruding through my chest, I crunched into gear and sped towards the tree’s.
Pulling up, breaking into a cold sweat, I could see something hanging from my door, with a slight feeling of relief I got out of the car, maybe Mike was home?
Hanging from frayed twine, was a headless, lifeless fox. Suspended by its crimson tail, disembowelled, its entrails swinging in the wind, at the foot of my door, a pool of fresh blood. A burning acid like feeling filled my throat, I scrambled backwards into my car, slamming the door and as I looked up to drive away, there in the spotlight was the crouching girl, with piercing wide eyes, penetrating hatred straight at me, dress splattered in blood and the fox head in her hand, with its mouth petrified, murdered in mid scream….

Fearing the same callous death as the fox, I drove as fast as I could, out of the horror village to a nearby hotel and waited for Mike. That was 10 years ago, I never returned and still The Iceni Girl haunts my waking life.

Copyright. Orchidrock 2017

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