Suffer in volume

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Relentless in its stay,

Like poison running through my veins,

Life brings its problems two by two,

The unbearable stress takes its cue.

Legs that failed are ice too touch,

Autumnal colours take over my skin,

Hips are stiff, filled with dread,

My body and soul balancing by a thread.

If I fall I won’t get up,

My muscles burn tear up inside,

No repairing to be done,

This is my life, I’m done with fun.

But still I smile through the strife,

Banging walls to get some help,

Government and councils are here too lie,

No help, just fixing up their alibi.

Learn to be a one man band,

Mrs May won’t save you, just let you drown.

Unless you try your hand at death,

The elite will watch your last breath.

©orchidrock 2017

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