She saves me

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Mornings here it brought the dog,

open my eyes, just exist.

Wipe the drops and bury my face,

Another day, life of lies and persist.

Her smile gives off light and gives me hope ,

Grab my mask of which I hide

And pray I learn to cope.

Carry on, don’t give up…..

All words of which I’m told

I’m trying, it’s hard….

Growing tiresome and old.

When will I wake and the dog has gone,

I need the clouds to part,

Light like once before, glistened as it shone.

Someday I pray for sleep,

Everlasting so I will not wake,

But in my mind I see her face,

Begging me not to count those sheep.

So on I go for her I live,

I’ll fight, I’ll cry, I’ll lie again

To spare her grieve, I’ll say what if

And live today in vain.

©Orchidrock 2017

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