Dark side of love

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It shouldn’t hurt but it does,

Escaped the brutal verbal punch

Hours fly, days past and still I cry

Over you and I’m unsure why.

Daytime smiles and night time tears,

‘I’m fine, I’m tired’.. The lies I’d spill,

Protect myself from the truth,

You abused my soul, chucked away my youth.

A legal thief in broad daylight,

My innocence and trust was tossed away,

Who am I? And where shall I start,

To try mend an irreplaceable broken heart.

It took some strength to see the wrong,

My ears would bleed from your tongue,

A tormented person is not what I’d choose,

But too bad for me left with an invisible bruise.

But still I wish your demons fade,

Give one good reason for our demise,

Pray you change from the beast within ,

To change inside and grow new skin.

©Orchidrock 2017

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