Fight with love and strength

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The last two weeks frankly have been a mine field when it comes too emotions, so many horrible things are happening in the UK.

London, Manchester and then London again! How could anyone hate western civilisation so much that killing innocent children is justified.

But!… In the wake of the devastating acts of sheer cruelty and cowardliness, I have seen such acts of bravery, love, courage, kindness and solidarity from the general public, that has made me hopeful knowing there are some generally selfless humans still in existence and that even in times when most will cower, run and resort to violence mixed with racism, the majority of the UK are ‘keeping calm and carrying on’. Taxi drivers taking the frightened to safety, pubs locking down to keep the punters safe, the punters launching chairs and glasses to protect thy neighbour and without a thought to their own welfare, just doing what is right!

And the emergency services from police, doctors, nurses and ambulances that went above and beyond. The NHS is in a very poor state yet still when struck with a crisis, those who are needed put on their weatherproofs and firmly piss into the wind!



Today stands strong in my mind, with it being 73 years since D-day, when men and women faced the worst conditions imaginable to deliver the biggest seabourne operation to push victory along the western front. But because of the thousands that fought for our rights, we are standing strong today with all nationalities coming together, all faiths fighgting evil. Evil will always exist but we do not have to let it spread and grow, history says so.


D-Day  Normandy


Today i am proud to be born under the striking, unshaken, beautiful red, blue and white flag. And i could rant for hours into reasons i think, such things could have been avoided but for now, i want to raise homage to the lives lost all those years ago and in the recent attacks on our great kingdom, the people who have stuck their middle fingers up to those who disagree with our way of life and continue in their daily life’s, the people who fiercely stood their ground in London and Manchester to protect the innocent and to everyone else who is being effected.

I would also like to thank the man who has created the iconic picture and symbol of Britain, which made me laugh when i needed it.


I love this country and i believe love (and some brute force) will conquer all! We didn’t give up when Adolf came for us, the milkman didn’t stop when London was bombed to the ground, he kicked the rubble and went on his way with a hop, skip and a jump, because that is what we do when shit hits the fan.

So fuck you to anyone who thinks we need to change the way our society lives or that you can divide us and make us turn to hatred, because we’ve dealt with worse!

And people please remember just like the KKK and Westboro baptist church do not represent all christians. The Islamic extremists do not represent Muslims and we should not blame or segregate a community that are just regular people, with families and jobs. Because i for one want my daughter to grow up in a world where violence is rare and kindness is infectious, walking the street is just an everyday occurrence without fear.


Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense – Churchill





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