Whose caring for our youth? 

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Have you got children?

Do you sit at home, while there out or at school knowing their safe, because your told it is a safe environment?

When they go out with their friends, do you know where they are?


I have a young daughter and I am worried!

I volunteer at a youth centre as much as I can. Since Becoming disabled I wanted a purpose and a way to give back to my community, something I could sink my teeth into and really develop a passion for.

Mission successful, because a few years down the line I love the youth centre, have a new found respect for what youth workers have to endure emotionally and love all things psychology.

But the money pumped into youth services, is beyond shit! Youth workers, counselors, sex advisers for the young etc, are underpaid and overworked a bit like nurses and doctors. But who is making a noise for them?…….NOBODY



I know it is easy to see a 14 year old boy, smoking weed, in a gang of other teens, looking aggressive and a reputation for stealing. But sometimes is not so black and white as too why teens do what they do! Kids aren’t born addicts, murderers, thieves or emotionally unstable. So you think well the young don’t deserve anyone’s time and sometimes it can seem like that, but like everyone else maybe they just need someone to care. Its not uncommon to see a young person acting out due to an unstable home life, living in foster care, being abused either emotionally or physically or maybe they just want to be noticed.

But there is no money, youth centres are shutting around the UK all the time, funding is being cut back, people are being made redundant. Because the government need to save money!! Which is a total injustice to the next generation of adults that will inevitably be running the country, teaching in schools and policing our streets, that is if we don’t fuck them all up by allowing their cries to help to go unnoticed.

Now you may wonder, why I am so riled up and doing a good impression of a Pit bull, well it is because i recently watched a 3 part drama called ‘Three Girls’, based on true events in Rochdale about 3 young girls who were groomed and abused by adult men. They were then failed by social services, the police and the judicial system. And sadly shows the lack of resources, care, empathy and ethics, that the services we are all told to trust and respect, had for the girls.



It has made me extremely angry, sad and failed by the powers above that should be protecting our most vunerable. And highlights that we as parents, carers, teachers, youth workers, police officers, nurses and doctors, need to stay vigilant, keep our eyes open and report the first sign of something wrong with a child and not stop stomping until someone listens.

Make a noise if you feel you local community is forgetting about the younger generation, because without a safe environment to go too, where are they? what are they doing? and who is there if they need someone impartial to talk too? Make sure you never make your children feel inadequate when they talk to you or feel stupid, because a child being able to confide in you maybe the difference in you knowing something is wrong and not knowing.

At 31 I have already seen kids as young as 12 already taking drugs, selling drugs and drinking alcohol, because there parents are either absent or don’t care. Kids need nurturing,  stability and someone to care, their not born bad and someone has got to care. Being a parent is not meant to be easy, teenagers will rebel it is what they do, but never give up and question anything you see as different from the norm.

If you have young children that are venturing out alone, please watch the above drama ‘Three Girls’, it is hard to watch but it could be someone you know, it could be your child. And if it hits home with you and you know of any information about child grooming, child abuse or a young vunerable adult in trouble. Reach out to someone, don’t stay silent.



Samaritans contacts

Signs of child grooming – NSPCC

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