‘I didn’t do it, but i knew’……..13 Reasons Why

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Having a young daughter, i always worry about her being bullied and more so, her becoming a bully. It is probably by biggest worry, i can cope with the birds and the bee’s conversation, I’ve already had the menstrual talk and even although i cringe…..the ready to have sex chat!

I felt compelled to write about suicide, bullying and mental health because i myself have lost a friend to suicide when i was 14, lost a family member to alchohol abuse and know of 1 other suicide in my high school attendance. Depression is all too common, i know this as i deal with it everyday, have family members and friends that cope everyday to function best they can with a dark cloud looming near by. But it is almost expected as an adult to feel like this some point in life……..but children?

It is heart breaking that children as young as 9 are suffering from depression and children as young as 12 are contemplating suicide! It is easily brushed under the table with thoughts like ‘Their too young to have depression’ or ‘What has a teenager got to be depressed about‘. And you would be right to think their too young, because no one deserves to suffer with depression, especially a child.

I recently watched the highly talked about series ’13 Reasons Why’, which in some schools is being banned, parents think it is too heavy for children to watch and i completely disagree. Its hard-hitting and in a world with bullying accessible 24/7 by social media, it is important that young people understand……….


For every action, there is a re-action



13 Reasons Why, is about a young girl who has just moved to Liberty High School and embarks on a dark journey that shows her last days leading up to her suicide and showing from her point of view, that bullying comes in all forms and your life can go from brilliant to tragic in a matter of days.




It emphasises what constitutes as bullying and the butterfly effect of your actions or inaction. I think it is an important series for any parent, teacher, youth worker and teenager that highlights the struggles of high school for a lot of young people, how mental health is still overlooked, bullying is not taken seriously enough and parents do not know enough about their child’s social life or social media accounts.

We as parents need to make sure we act the way, we want our kids to behave. Just this week i have heard a mum speak about how her children are being ostracised at school because some of the ‘clicky’ mums decided they didn’t like her, so their children have been excluding her children and being repulsive.Children listen to what we say as parents, how we treat others and if parents will constantly act like bitchy, vile playground bullies, it shouldn’t be surprising that children of these fucking horrible specimens will copy.




In February this year a 14 yr old girl took a lethal dose of medication and died, because of social media bullying. Her mother had no idea there was an issue and no body spoke up until it was too late.


No one, let alone a child should be made to feel this way. We as parents can make sure we are supervising social media accounts, taking time to ask our children how they are and if there is any change in their behaviour or appearance. Schools be more vigilant and preventative with spotting signs of bullying and making sure that strict ground rules are in place. Too many schools have wishy washy policies and quick to enable people with difficult backgrounds, medical issues etc to get away with minor warnings or nothing at all.


I hope that my daughter never falls into either category of bullied or bully and i will do my hardest to make sure that it doesn’t happen. Please make sure your children are happy emotionally and confront any problems head on, don’t bury your head, suicide and depression is on the rise with the younger generation.


How to spot your child is being bullied

Samaritans – Contact if you need advice or support


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