Love affair with Houghton

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Yesterday i was feeling like i needed a ‘mummy day’, which is usually speak for go eat some nice food and forget the everyday stress’.

This usually means that we end up at ‘Houghton Hall’ in Norfolk.

I love coming here and the first time that i visited was 8 years ago when i was heavily pregnant and was just trying to walk as much as i could to bring on my labour.




It is beautiful with acres of bright green grass, with a border of huge tree’s, stunning architecture, deer roaming free, a walled garden which hides a quaint greenhouse, housing exotic plants  and  in the old stables, a small restaurant that serves delicious simple food. There is also a lavish mansion that was built for the first Prime Minister in Britain.

I got very snap happy, taking photo’s of scenery, a couple of modern art sculptures, flowers, statues and buildings. It is something that i love to do, i believe a photo can tell a thousand words.


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When i come here with my mum, it is just time for me and her, we meander around chatting nonsensical crap, admiring the gardens (until someone tries speaking to my mum and she gets that look of ‘piss off’) and occasionally my mum jumps on banter bus (unknowingly) like when i was smelling a flower and she said,


“You have semen on your face now”


What she actually meant was ‘you have stamen on your face’ which is part of a flower. She was oblivious to this at the start, until i pointed her faux pa out while laughing at her endearing stupidity.

I felt so relaxed in that 2 hours and Houghton you have my gratitude.



Houghton Hall


© Orchidrock 2017

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