Do women go through midlife crisis?

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I’ve seen a lot of men go through what is commonly known as ‘midlife crisis’.

model-car-2100737_1280With their new convertible cars, new hobby, finding a young bit of fluff to make their ego feel less bruised, because the trauma of married life and children is just too much…….poor poor you! Or their new love for narcotics because rather than deal with an issue they bury their head in a pile of snow.

But i wonder do women, go through midlife crisis? 

And if so, what does that involve? 

And is it really a crisis or a midlife catch up, when our kids are old enough to fend for themselves, the husband sits for most of his spare time on the sofa watching soap re-runs or down the pub. So is it really a time that women will seek out their misspent youth days, that was filled with  nappies, school runs, dinners, ironing, washing, walking the dog and shouting ‘I don’t know where did you leave it?’.

Is it where we realise our boobs have dropped 2 inches, cellulite is spreading like wildfire and we nearly knocked ourselves out with our own bingo wings? And the fact not only do we have regular bouts of annoying bleeds, when that is over we then have hot flushes which will spring up at any time they want ,leaving women red faced and clammy.

girl-1064667_1920It seems that a ‘midlife’ crisis in a female manifests in improving appearance, going out with friends more, the urge to relive the clubbing scene (which is fine but don’t slut drop at 50+, its not cool), changing your wardrobe, having Botox…………..

which I’m sorry i can’t get on board with, there is proof it does not improve your looks just look at some of theses celebrities!


All in all most women i see at the age of 30+ that suddenly go wild, its the creation of a poor marriage, years having no personnel identity, only as a mother and a wife. Being only seen as a washing machine, oven, alarm clock, and nag! And i know you may think doesn’t sound much different to what a man goes through, but i disagree women deliver the babies and make a home, i see too many men that think its ok to just bring the dollar home, leave you too sort out birthdays, Christmas, family functions, making the dinner…….honestly i am not bashing all men because there’s a good 20%, but the rest still suck from mummies boob!

So i am going to say NO, women do not go through a midlife crisis, they go through putting up with years of unhappiness and want to feel alive again, want a sense of purpose and the strings untied!

So men treat your ladies right let them have a job if they want one, a night out, pick up your shit and put it away and ladies don’t sneer at women with a career or a life, because we all need it.


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