It’s only a wheelchair!

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Day in the life of a wheelchair user with a warts and all.

'My turn too speak'

How much longer do I have to grin and smile when someone says something completely ridiculous to me, when is it appropriate for me to yell ‘Go fuck yourself mate’ and give them a loud lecture about how unamusing their wheelchair joke is and that just because their old doesn’t make them the ‘only cripple in the village’!

Being in a wheelchair now for 4 years with a progressive muscle wasting disease that has so far affected my legs, feet and arms (sadly for people locally not my mouth) affecting my ability to walk, stand for longer than 30 seconds, raise my arms above my head, dress in anytime shorter than 30minutes, raise a cup to my mouth without lowering my head and using a toilet anywhere that isn’t my home.

So I think I have earned the right to have a label such as ‘disabled’ and…

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