A dog’s love is never temporary

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Having a particularly bad week, with irrational thoughts bombarding my logical space.

There is always one thing in my house that makes me smile and never lets me go to bed alone.


2017-05-02 15.10.05


Yes a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and despite what some think, if raised in a loving home with the right boundaries, they are the most loving, affectionate dog but too often chavvy morons, buy them too use as a trophy dog to prance about the council estate or for dog fights (and the likes of you need stringing up by the jibblets).

My dog Russia is 10 tomorrow (and yes i am making her a cake) and has been with me through my whole diagnosis process, parenthood, relationship breakdown and depression. She is slowing up now and tends to sleep majority of the time but it hasn’t always been like that.


In her early years Russia, who was one of a twin when born was very runty and the other puppies hated her, she was seen as weak and me being a soft arse knew she was the one for me (mind you i didn’t want a pedigree dog, i dont see the point in expensive dogs when so many need homes).

Russias first furry friend in life came in the form of a big, grey cat called Marley, whom i rescued from a shelter. You couldn’t meet a nicer yet naughty cat.


Marley would go out for his morning constitutional and Russia being very small would
follow him out of the cat flap. I would get phone calls from the local pub because Russia had ran over 1928259_54910746523_4768603_nand was introducing herself to the locals, or out of my window i would see Russia and Marley wandering over the bridge into the Iceni village. When Marley passed away at 16yrs old, Russia refused to eat for 3 days and pined for her friend, it was heartbreaking.


The one occasion that always sticks out in my mind, that would of been more mortifying had i been present, was Christmas. I was going to my partners mums for dinner and we couldn’t take Russia because she loves her pack which consists of 2 cats, but outside of that…not so much.



So she spent the day with my Mum and Dads dogs, Brother, Grandparents, Aunty and Uncle. She had her dinner, got very excited running around, ecstatic that so many people 1928259_54910731523_5193625_n.jpgwere there, when she stopped………..and puked all over my Nan’s floor. Which wouldn’t have been so bad if the little bin raider hadn’t of produced in her puke a used condom. The phone call from my Dad to inform me, was somewhat amusing and a little embarrassing, yet somewhat disgusting on Russia’s part.



One thing i have learnt from Staffie’s is that they will eat anything, quite literally so don’t leave anything lying around that is remotely edible, even if you wouldn’t eat it. Russia has had soap, condoms, lip balm, toothpaste…..you get the message. She really has a lot of funny quirks that having everyone in stitches, especially her famous dry mouth look.



All in all anyone who is pondering over whether to get a dog, if you have the patience, time and money too….DO IT!.  Every families life would be far richer if you had the privilege of allowing a dog to bring you laughter, comfort and company in the form of fur and four legs.


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©Orchidrock 2017

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