Is depression becoming man-made?

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Mental health awareness week

'My turn too speak'

Depression, is it one sole issue or is it something that we end up with because of a whole array of other issues that snow ball into the inevitable?

With certain other mental health issues, such as Bipolar and schizophrenia I know that is more of an imbalance of the chemicals in the brain or early head trauma etc.

So I wonder about this because, I myself have been down the drug route with depression and know many other people that have taken or are still taking drugs (I’m reluctant to use the word medication because I’m personally doubting whether they do anyone any good). People with depression always seem to be in the process of grieve in one way or another be it divorce, death, betrayal, loss of a job, relationship breakdown  or illness.

Why should a dose of Sertraline make somebodies life any better, last time I checked it is not…

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