New music this week, that’s making me tick

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Music is a passion of mine, always has been, always will be and i’d not function without it! Here are the tracks i am loving this week. Click the link to see the video.


Mothica – Sometimes (Youtube)

Stating on her Facebook page that ‘she has felt too much since 1995‘, it doesn’t surprise me she has released a track, for that night when you don’t want to be the only woman confused over a man! Sounds distinctly like a situation that i think many of us ladies have been in, tripping and crying over a no good man that gives zero f***s!. All in all a catchy track that I’m sure we will be hearing more off.


Tom Grennan – Something in the water

You might know Tom Grennan from Chase and Status’ track ‘All goes wrong’ from 2016, but I am focused on his new track ‘Something in the Water’, his voice is mesmerizing. I haven’t been this excited about a male vocalist since James Bay and Hozier. For someone young, he has alot of soul and experience coming out of his mouth.

Gorillaz feat PopCaan – Saturnz Barz

Eerie Amish train rides, haunted house taken over my possessed creatures and an intergalactic trip into space! The video is amazing and PopCaan, who is featured brings his Jamaican flare to the new Gorillaz track, there return definitely has not failed us.

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