Being ‘green’ with beauty and household products

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Playing my part in the ‘eco/green living society’

is something i bore my friends and family with, literally bore because no one i tell gives a tiny rats arse!

None the less i am going to share with you the things i do at home, in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom to do my bit.




I stopped using shop bought ‘chemical’ packed shit about 3 years ago and haven’t looked back. Conventional shampoo and conditioner contain about 12 toxins that are linked to cancer and other illness’. Sodium laurel sulphate and Triclosan to name a couple but, Polysorbates is the one that will cock up your Ph level on your scalp and leaves a residue, causes flaking and destroys the natural barrier. So your hair will get all greasy and scummy really quick trying to adjust itself and then you’ll wash your hair again, thus creating a scummy cycle.

So….that is why i now use Shea Moisture, every 4-6 days and it doesn’t need washing sooner unless i use hair product. Now my hair is thick and curly, but i can only use a shampoo and it is still fine, but i use a little conditioner just cause it smells amazing and makes it that little bit softer.

Shea Moisture is free from –

  • sulfates
  • parabens
  • Paraffin
  • propylene glycol
  • mineral oil
  • animal testing
  • synthetic fragrance
  • phthalates


Scalp cleansing and de-tangler

Now while in the shower after I have shampoo’d, I use ‘apple cider vinegar’ to restore my scalp. I know this sounds a load of old hippy mumbo jumbo, but trust me it works a charm and untangles hair. Afterwards try rinse out with coldish water and you may wanna run just a little conditioner through or some coconutty product so you don’t smell like you just did the dirty with the local chippy owner!

(FYI do not get vinegar in your eyes it bloody hurts!)


Washing Clothes


The method i have been using for 4 years, usually leaves people thinking i’m taking the piss but i assure you i am not! I use Soap nuts, which are the shell (not the nut) of Sapindus bush fruit and part of the Lychee family not a actually nut affiliated.You IMG_20170503_201826_276[1278]recieve a small muslin bag to put the nuts in (5-8 for hardwater) and place in the drum, your clothes won’t smell like when you use chemical laden softner, but if you want a scent you can use drops of essential oils into the drawer. If you do want a fabric softner for towels etc i use a Bio softner which has minimal harm to the environment.

There are also other benefits to using soapnuts – 

  • Hypoallergenic and good for babies and sensitive skin.
  • 1kg bag can do up to approx 300 washes and you can get a bag any in between £10 – £20.
  • It acts as an antibacterial so your washing machine will lose that mouldy stench!
  • The nuts last for 2-4 washes (do not overload they won’t work properly).
  • When the nuts are done with, you can just toss them onto the compost heap.
  • If you don’t want to put the nuts into the machine, boil up the nuts in a saucepan with water and you have a detergent liquid (keep it the fridge), plus liquid is good as a slug and pest repellent.
  • You can wash your hair with the liquid and use it on pets as a flea repellent.

THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!! Get your nut on, you won’t regret it.



With so many harmful products about, its no wonder are skin is dry, cracked and cancers are on the rise. Products at home can be just as effective in cleaning, for instance White vinegar, lemon, bicarbonate of soda, soap nut liquid and many other. Natural products are less harmful to your children, pets and household products and floors.

I like to use combination of vinegar, soap nut liquid and essential oils with hot water when cleaning my floors and worktops. If you want something less harmful than the norm there is always ‘Method’ products which are natural and smell amazing.

Here is a link to show you some other natural remedies for around the house.

Natural cleaning remedies

In a world where we are destroying the planet at a rapid rate, its good to try balance the natural world. So try drive a little less, walk a little more, recycle ….and oh i nearly forgot the bedroom! Don’t lube it’s just another bottle of plastic use what god gave us and get that saliva flowing!


‘They paved paradise and put up a parking lot’

-Joni Mitchell

©2017 Orchidrock





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