5 Things im loving in May

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 In a world where doom and gloom is all to familiar.

I decided to feel grateful for something everyday, even if the neighbour’s pissed me off with his dogs incessant barking or I dropped my biscuit into my coffee! So here are some things that I have been grateful for and love in May.


  1. Ribbon Laces

2017-05-02 12.19.10This may sound ridiculous, but hold the insults just a moment. I own a lot of trainers, due to my disability my feet resemble an elephant suffering from water retention and my feet just won’t comfortably fit into anything else. So I had to find some other way to make my trainers look a little bit more bling and ribbon laces I feel works wonders. You can buy them quite cheap and really make your trainers look less like gym wear.


  1. Make up

This is something that probably makes me happy most days, not because I feel that I should wear or have to wear make-up but because It makes me feel confident and emphasises what my mumma gave me! My every day, won’t leave the house items include

  • Benefit – How to look the best at IMG_20170502_122951_758everything. A complexion kit that contains a pore minimiser which is amazing, a light coverage foundation, two industrial strength concealers which work wonders to brighten up dark eyes and a honey shade powder to finish off. It comes all in one pack and is everything you need.
  • Benefit Rockateur blush – To highlight or give your face a warm glow, its subtle and warming and smells absolutely amazing as well as coming in a sturdy box with a rock chick look and a handy mirror for on the go.
  • Seventeen Brow kit – This is something that I never used to give a shit about and now if I slap the rest on and forget about my eyebrows I look like an alien offspring. Its high street price, contains a wax, brown shade, highlighter shade for under the brow, application brush and pencil (which personally I don’t like makes eyebrows look to fake).
  • Benefit Eyebrow setting and shaping gel – Something else I love, my eyebrows are more on the thick side and I like a full brow so I have to keep those stray hairs inline, otherwise I’m risking a nutty professor look. I use ‘Ready,set.brow’ by Benefit and it really does keep your brows in line all day and night.
  • Soap & Glory Mascara –My face looks naked without mascara, I can do without eye shadow but never this, it makes my eyes look big and bold. I have been through so many mascaras, but for everyday I use Soap & Glory – Thick and Fast. Its not clumpy and the brush gives good coverage and lift.
  • Kylie Matte Lipstick – I am slightly obsessed with ‘Kylie’ Matte lipsticks. I was with the group of people who bought it because of the craze and thought fuck it, I’ll see what the fuss is about. I LOVE THEM to my own detriment because buying just one and having it delivered to the UK is not on the cheap side. But none the less I use Charm or KoKo for every day use as its light and doesn’t budge (I’ve had comments on the staying power) and it also smells delicious. So if you want a creamy, lasting lippy and you have some a birthday coming up or your fella is in the doghouse, grab yourself a kylie!


  1. Art
Chaos in silence

I have a love of many things, but more recently
bought my first piece of art and every time I see it i
n my living room it just makes me smile and really brightens up the room.Art like make-up, music and books I think can say a lot about a person and is a great way of expressing yourself. If youil_fullxfull.1132302877_a8od like bright, bold artwork with a lot of emotion behind it and a dark twist, ‘Chris Rivers art’ might be right up your alley! My piece beautiful with blossom trees and butterflies, from afar looks very normal and oriental, but up close there are small flying winged demons, tearing the butterflies apart and causing chaos.

Chris Rivers Art – Website


  1. Pets

2017-05-02 15.21.01Pets are truly amazing and anyone who is in the ‘don’t like pets’ category, stop reading and please piss off!! I have never trusted anyone who doesn’t like dogs or cats without an exceptional reason. I have 2 cats, one is a grey moggy who epitomises being needy, dribbles when having a cuddle and spends her life in a box on top of my fridge. The second cat is ginger and definitely falls into the ‘naughty ginger pet’ category, he also has some strange tendencies which include sleeping In the kitchen sink 2017-05-02 15.22.00even if it means getting wet, only drinking water from a running tap (refusing to drink from a bowl) and despite being a rather large boy, being a total wimp. My dog although having a long list of irritating habits is a real sweetheart, she is a 10-year-old Staffie. She is amazing with children, in fact she loves any human! Despite all my little friend’s foibles when I’ve had a monumentally crappy day, my dog is always waiting for a cuddle and loves me no matter what I look like or how horrendous my m2017-05-02 15.10.05ood is. The cats on the other hand show love when they feel like it and if I have fed them yet, but I know they love me because of the pieces of bird I find scattered across my garden, but none the less make me feel loved when everyone else is being a prize prick.


  1. Incense sticks

I have many hippy tendencies’ and my favourite one currently is lighting an incense stick. There is nothing I like more than sitting in candle light with the smell of a ‘fizzy pop’ incense stick. There is something very calming and tranquil that I like after a day of cropped-img_20170502_083356_1113.jpgbeing told ‘I hate you’ and ‘its not fair’ by my small, already teenage like, daughter. If you are some likes incense I would highly recommend ‘Wild Berry Incense’ they have a huge array of fragrances my favourite’s are ‘fizzy pop’ and ‘cherry’. The fizzy pop has a nostalgic smell about it, a cross between lemonade and an old school sweet shop, with a vibrant blue, glittery stick. Also good to pop in your car above the vent!


So if your day has been shittier than a babie’s underpants, make a list mentally or on paper, what ever floats your boat and remember we all have something to be thankful for no matter how ridiculous it is.

©2017 Orchidrock

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