Plastic IS a problem

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“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Dr Seuss


Something we all take for granted and that is the world in which we live.

Do you wonder where the plastic you throw out is going?

Do you care?

Well if not, you fucking well should do! And i will tell you why, please bare with me.

In the 1862 a clever man created the first man-made plastic and showed his revelation at the Great International Exhibition in London. People were astonished and many other scientists went on to improve his find and in 1907 Bakelite was born.

Over the next few decades plastic was improved, made more durable, hard-wearing and made to last longer!

And in true form us humans have grabbed something that if used correctly could be great, instead we quickly turned the planet into one massive toilet by making everything disposable and worse still making the items out of plastic.

We were warned in the 1970’s that plastic took too long to degrade and it was going to have a very negative impact on the planet and we failed to take it on board.

Plastic is believed to take approximately 450 years to degrade and some more heavy duty plastics are believed to still be here in 1000 years. And as much as we are told to recycle there are only two types of plastic that can be recycled the rest, lie in wait to be taken to landfill or as more commonly seen the ocean.

Now I’m no sustainable guru because I still buy some items that come in plastic wrappers or bottles, but I try my up-most to keep it to a minimum and buy biodegradable products or recycled items and not just for environmental reasons, but for health reasons.

Most plastic contains something called Bisphenol, you may know this more by the baby bottles you can buy that are BPA free and wise you are to purchase those, because there are some alarming side effects that Bisphenol can have on your health.

This particular chemical is linked to health problems due to the nature of the chemical it can behave like oestrogen and other hormones. Which is then believed to contribute to the rise in

  • ·        Early puberty
  • ·        Breast cancer
  • ·        Infertility in men and women

Studies were also conducted on adults and it shows that adults with a high amount of BPA in their system were more susceptible to heart disease, diabetes and liver enzyme abnormalities.

Canada was so concerned over the health risks that BPA can cause that it is now banned and in 2012 The Food and Drug Administration considered a ban but it was denied.

If the health risks and diseases are not enough to put you off then hopefully the state of the oceans is enough and it should be for anyone with any moral fibre or compassion.


This bird was found with multiple types of plastic in its stomach, this should be a rare sight, but it isn’t.

And unfortunately, 90% of sea birds are now found with plastic in their stomach which has been consumed.

The plastic –

  • Punctures lungs
  • Fills stomach, signalling to the bird that it is full and they eventually starve to death.


More marine life is dying than ever before and some of the biggest mammals are being washed up and stranded in shallow water because there starving, internally bleeding or trapped in marine trash.

polar bear


Earlier this year in West Norway a whale was washed up, emaciated and malnourished with little blubber.  When the autopsy was performed, 30 carrier bags from England and Denmark as well as various other plastic items were found.

West Norway Whale – The Nordic Page

Turtles, birds, whales, fish and other animals are at threat and rapidly dying because OUR stupidity and blatant disregard to anything around us. In 1960 an estimated 5% of plastic was found in the stomachs of the oceans finest creatures and by 1980 it was 80%.

Now even I who got an E in maths, can work out that by now with the huge rise in plastic pollution the percentage will be at an all time high.

Virtually everyone by 2050 will consume plastic due to the fish and shellfish we consume, eating the rubbish that we as a nation are dumping into the sea and the volume of plastic in the sea, will be higher than the fish.

I for one find this so sad, that if I shut my eyes I see a sad,naked Indian crying!

I want my daughter to travel and see the places I never got to see, experience different cultures and find herself on a personal journey….

But this won’t happen if all she has too see in Hawaii is a beach full of the worlds litter and museums of the animals that once lived, but are now extinct.

The places that aren’t manufacturing all this shit are being punished and for what?

WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE….One step at a time!

If we just make little changes to our lives

  • Ditch the carrier bags, purchase a canvas bag from your local supermarket
  • Drink more water instead of juice
  • Buy milk in glass bottles or cardboard packaging
  • Avoid takeaway’s that deliver food in plastic tubs or re-use.
  • Use different materials like wood, cotton, stainless steel, hemp or rubber.

And even the fashion industry our on board, with Adidas recycling ocean trash into footwear.

Adidas Ultra Boost

So if you would like your children and your grandchildren, too experience the world in all its glory, join the fight and say no to plastic.

A plastic age feat Pharrell Williams (video)

One Green Planet – Species that may go extinct

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